Monday, 6 July 2015

July, Summer Sun and Fun

It's been a busy month and I find myself in July already.

Chickpea turned 5 last month so it got a bit crazy with organising birthday parties (yes, more than one) and baking cakes! 

Chickpea had requested a mermaid cake which had me stumped for a while but the final idea turned out okay:

And we were pirates (and there were mermaids too) for the day of her class party. Hurrah! Everyone had a good time.

I've been updating my website with new artwork and artwork that is more in keeping with the same style. Have a look here:

Also after lots of people asking I've printed some of my illustrations and I am selling them as A3 prints and greeting cards in my Etsy shop here:

Here's a peek at a few of the items that are currently available:

I've been doing some sketching too. I had to sit at an airport for a little while and it's fascinating watching all the people wandering about. Here's something from my sketchbook:

I've also been sketching while watching TV:
I loved Mr Norrell and Mr Strange! 
Amazing Spiderman 2

From The TV series Penny Dreadful.

Also some other sketches:
Ninja Nana

And without her disguise 

All is till very busy here and I'm also counting down to the school holidays as well!

Thanks for reading my blog,