Friday, 11 September 2015

Guinea Pigs and Sketchbooks

I may have mentioned before that I draw quite a lot while watching television in the evenings. I do find it a useful exercise as I have to observe and draw quickly. 

I have a lovely brush pen which is fun to use for this and it makes me work more loosely.

I watched a film about James Brown called Get On Up and it was very good. This is one of the sketches I did while watching:

I also started work on this and also finished it. So here are some progress pictures:

Working with a limited palette:

Another sketch I want to use for something:

Chickpea has had a very short temper recently:

I'm working on some new designs for my Etsy shop and fairs. I have two definites and another possible one or two before Christmas - check my Facebook page for information:

I am very much enjoying drawing guinea pigs at the moment:

I have a lot to do and with a commission and working with a school too that should keep me busy!

Thanks for reading my blog,