Thursday, 17 December 2015

Step into Christmas

Sorry but I seem to have that song stuck in play in my head! 

Anyway, I've been busy finishing private commissions in time for Christmas - which I won't post up until after the season.  

Meanwhile I've been writing my Christmas cards and doodling on a lot of envelopes and also trying to participate in #illo_advent every day. I haven't quite managed that but here are some I've done in my sketchbook:

Thank you for reading my blog and, if I don't post again before Christmas, I wish you a joyous Christmas time.


Monday, 30 November 2015

Foxes and brush pens

I've been experimenting a bit more with my brush pen and I like the looseness it gives. Also it is permanent ink so I can paint over it too.

Here's some work from my sketchbook and other work:

I'm working on making this a more finished piece.

This is a finished brush pen and paint piece

Drawing my neighbours

A grumpy day

I've also been drawing red pandas a lot recently

A rabbit

Watch out fish!

Lots of different people

Stephen Spielberg ended up on this

Also enjoying drawing foxes

More red panda ideas

An excitable day

More brush pen work


I've been joining in with #illo_advent 
I'm not sure if I'll manage every day but I'm going to try!

24 sleeps to go

Even elves have shopping nightmares with their children.

Thanks for looking at my blog,


Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas is coming...

...And I am busy with some private commissions which means I can't show any of those on here for now.

I can show some other pieces I've been working on though and I will be at the following places with lots of lovely things you can buy:

Sunday 22nd November 
Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking

Saturday 28th November and Sunday 29th November
The Medicine Garden Christmas Market, Cobham

Saturday 5th December
St Paul's Primary School Christmas Fair, Thames Ditton

Here's some pieces I've been working on that I can show! 

From my sketchbook:

Thanks for reading my blog. 

Until the next time, stay safe.


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sketchbook update and other things 17th October 2015

After a busy few weeks sending things off to print, in time for some fairs I have a stall at, I thought I'd catch up here with some of the work I've been doing.

Here's a round up of my sketchbook and some printed work too:

A random axolotl. I love them! They always seem so happy.

Some grumpy Vikings 

A practise panda

I quite like this bunny. 

Football bear

Cheeky monkey!

Rough elephant

Sharing is caring...

A little monster

Idea for a mouse character

Still working on pandas

A tiny something for The @Booksniffer

Maisy the Monster

Me! I want it!

Watching Downton Abbey

More Downton

Munch Crunch!

Well hello! Still trying working with my brush pen.

Some random faces

A witch on a mission

I've been working on some new products for my Etsy Shop and also some fairs that I have a stall at (check out my Facebook page for more details )

Lots of goodies coming soon!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Come back soon!