Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer Holidays and a Competition

It's the summer holidays and Chickpea is off school and keeping me very busy. We've been painting and drawing and currently Chickpea is enjoying making some of the crafts from the Usbourne 365 Things to Make book:
Inspired by Indian elephant photos we let loose with the gel pens decorating this! 

What you can't see is Chickpea has drawn a happy face on one side and a sad lion face on the other!

This is a giraffe!

Then I invented my own and made an owl:

It is tricky trying to balance work while also being primary carer during holidays and the summer holiday is so long! It means I end up doing a lot of preparation work and also experimenting. Here's what's been happening in my sketchbook - also details about a competition are right at the end of this post:

I got a new pen. It's a Pentel Brush pen with permanent ink (I have tried to see how permenant it is yet - it's on my list) and replaceable cartridges. Lots of fun and so the first part of my sketchbook is covered in mark making and sketches to see how it works and how I can use it:

I did go back to a story I've half written and drew this with the new pen:

Some quick expressions

Another story idea

Showing my age with this song:
Working on my next big piece:

I've been drawing some dragons too:

Chickpea was busking in our lounge (and demanding money!)

Part of another idea

I started with this piece and...

Added a friend (or is that fiend?)

I love pangolins

While watching James Bond:

For @Daily_Doodle a bear on a chair:

John Cleese's cat:

Amusing myself:

More sketching

A germ of an idea in this one:

New dipper pen nibs and handle meant I had to do more experimenting:

Thanks for getting this far!

Here's the link for a competition, to win a print from my Etsy shop, which is over on my Facebook page:

Competition closes Sunday 30th August 2015!

Good luck and thanks for reading my blog,