Monday, 18 May 2015

Family Pirate Portrait

A while ago I said I'd been working on a family portrait and it was all hush-hush as it was a surprise birthday present. 

The portrait was to include lots of different things that they enjoyed doing together, places that meant something special to them, as well as pirates, farms and princesses.

The family are happy for me to share their portrait and here it is.

I was so pleased at the reaction it received. It's always good when the reaction is so happy!

Thank you to the Malloys. It was fun working on this project with them.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bear's Party

In my last post I mentioned and showed some working process for a picture I started. I've finished that picture (Bear's Party) and thought I'd put the final on here and put all those pictures together.

I use traditional methods of working and my preferred is pen and ink. I also use some pencils to add detail.

Here's how the picture developed: 

First this piece began as a sketch in my sketchbook

Which made it onto layout paper with different elements over three sheets. Then onto the lightbox to create one picture

As I said in my last post I do like a good colour swatch!

On to colouring in!

Detail of leaves - an oak tree

A silver birch and the oak again. This process of painting each leaf did take a long time but I was pleased with the outcome.

The final dry, flattened and scanned piece

I'm hoping to put some prints of this in my shop soon!

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