Sunday, 8 March 2015

Website and Fairies and World Book Day, Oh My!

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

My website has had an update: there are a few new pictures on there as well as a link to my Etsy shop. I intend to add some more products soon.

Meanwhile as I'm working on a private commission here are some pictures from my sketchbook and some other things too:

In a break I drew this evil little fairy called Yallery Brown. Most definitely not to be trusted!

Chickpea has been itching to get her hands on my inks and brushes and everything she can reach/see. I keep some of my older brushes for her and my dipper pen nibs too. I do think giving kids the chance to use high quality products really can inspire them.
In case you couldn't work it out she's painting her version of the princess and the pea.

As most parents will know it was World Book Day and this means kids dressing up as their favourite book character for school. It's such a great opportunity to get children discussing their favourite books.

Chickpea chose to go as Claude from the series of Claude books by Alex T Smith (they are very fabulously funny) and you can follow him on Twitter @Alex_T_Smith too.

Chickpea even had a juicy bone baguette hidden under her/Claude's hat!
I know the children in Chickpea's school had a fabulous day and some of the costumes were just amazing. There was even an Oberlix with a giant rock on his back! 

Here are some bees not from my sketchbook but from my drawing board instead.

Also a sketch of Chickpea.

Finally Sarah McIntyre has been campaigning, in the most pleasant way,  to make sure illustrators are given credit for creating picture books too. It seems mostly to be down to old systems and ways of working. There has been a positive response from the industry. You can read more about it on Sarah's blog here:

And you can follow her on Twitter here @Jabberworks and click on or search for the #PicturesMeanBusiness hashtag. 

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