About Me

My name is Teri. I'm a Children's illustrator, occasional pirate and Mum to Chickpea, not always in that order though and I've been drawing for a long, long time. 

Since I first blackmailed my Nan into buying me a giant box of Crayola crayons (I was only about 4 years old and in my defence there were bronze, silver and gold crayons in that box) I don't think I've ever stopped drawing. 

Those crayons were well used and cherished. 

After learning to use crayons and finger painting, I studied art at Epsom School of Art, where I was lucky enough to meet my husband and continue mucking about with finger painting but a lot less crayons and more ink. I also studied at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. 

I have worked successfully in a few different places including a record shop, a major charity and some national newspapers, however, I was always led back to drawing and anyone who has ever attended a leadership training course run by me will be able to attest to that. 

I can’t stop drawing; it’s a passion and an addiction and is a part of who I am. I have a huge love for children’s books (old and new) and have a large collection that I am not going to share with my daughter – she is starting her own collection with a little help from me.

I'm available for commissions - go to the Contact page for more details.

Of course all work on here is Copyright © Teri Smyth.

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