Monday, 16 February 2015

Time Flies!

Well the last month or so has flown by and I've slightly neglected my blog. I have been busy. There's been snow and fun and Valentine's Day, as well as lots of other things in between. 

Here's a sample of what I've been working on (there is some colour too so keep scrolling)!

From my sketchbook a couple of lovebirds

There were a lot of chilly illustrators in January

A Daily Doodle for the letter P (check out @Daily__Doodle over on Twitter)

From my sketchbook - I can't imagine who this is (Chickpea)

For #nonidentikit over on Twitter started by Sarah McIntyre (@Jabberworks)

I have been experimenting a bit more with the way I paint and really liked this lady who is part of a bigger picture

I drew a lot of old men for the same picture

And plenty pugs too

Number 50 was my favourite

Here's a photo (taken on my dodgy phone camera) of the finished piece. I still have to scan this and put it on my website

There was 24hr comic day on the 1st Feb which I managed the first 3 hours and then got way too busy! 

This little fellow turned up in my sketchbook

As did a party slug

And some non-party newts

A whole cacophony of cats

Mini Monsters

There may have been new pens and more monsters

Finally there was Valentine's Day. I painted a picture for my husband. Here's a bit of the detail

The finished piece

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and well done for making it all the way down here!