Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bear's Party

In my last post I mentioned and showed some working process for a picture I started. I've finished that picture (Bear's Party) and thought I'd put the final on here and put all those pictures together.

I use traditional methods of working and my preferred is pen and ink. I also use some pencils to add detail.

Here's how the picture developed: 

First this piece began as a sketch in my sketchbook

Which made it onto layout paper with different elements over three sheets. Then onto the lightbox to create one picture

As I said in my last post I do like a good colour swatch!

On to colouring in!

Detail of leaves - an oak tree

A silver birch and the oak again. This process of painting each leaf did take a long time but I was pleased with the outcome.

The final dry, flattened and scanned piece

I'm hoping to put some prints of this in my shop soon!

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