Monday, 18 August 2014

Round up 18th August 2014

I haven't written in my blog for a couple of weeks but I have been drawing. 

The summer holidays are racing by and Chickpea starts school soon. We have been out and about a lot which has been excellent fun but Chickpea has been missing her friends lots. Especially as our lovely neighbours (Hi Doug and Matthew) have been away. I'd forgotten that summer holiday feeling.

There are a lot of drawings from my sketchbook so I've grouped them together.

Daily Doodle topics (@Daily__Doodle):
Mrs Tiggywinkle

Jemima Puddleduck

Squirrel Nutkin

Cat - death to all wool!

Genie - in tribute to Robin Williams

Grumpy Mouse

Some kind of hairy cat monster 

Half dragon, half ogre

An ogre

Watching TV:
Marian - Indiana Jones

Back to the Future - excellent clothes!

Sarah & Duck - brilliant kid's TV programme and for some reason I drew BatDuck.

Things from my head:
Party girl

Fat bottomed pugs... There was a lot of pug drawing this last week. 

For some reason Annie popped in my head.

A bear girl

Some Twitter people:

Elissa Elwick (@ElissaElwick)

Sarah McIntyre (@Jabberworks) who is an illustrator/comics hero of mine. She has the best hats!

Lots going on. Busy, busy!

Thanks for looking at my blog. 


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