Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weekly round up 13th July 2014

What a busy week! Chickpea finished nursery forever and so there have been much shenanigans going on. I've been Daily Doodle-ing and also some personal pieces too.

From my sketchbook for @Daily__Doodle with Caterpillar Books:

The topic was ROAR 
I tried some new pens and then ended up doing three different versions for this

I obviously enjoyed that topic!

Then the next Daily doodle was HOOT!
Up next was ZOOM! I found the time to colour this one.

The last Daily doodle I had time to do was PEEK-A-BOO:
Chickpea had fun trying to find all the squirrels. 

Then there were a few other pieces I completed as presents this week. 

A couple of pictures were for Chickpea's teachers as a thank you. They have been fabulous and it was very sad to say goodbye to them:

Finally a friend's son was baptised on Saturday so a picture for them too:

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