Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Books and Crocodiles

Another busy week! My postcards and Christmas cards are selling which I'm pleased with.

I've been busy with my sketchbook the last week. Here's a few things that you might find in there: 

I managed a couple of sketches for @Daily__Doodle 

My Pet Crocodile:
This piece is turning into a larger, full colour illustration. Thanks for all the likes and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

My Pet Octopus:
The hazards of owning a pet octopus!

A couple of character sketches from the pet crocodile piece:

I've also been sketching some elements for a book I'm working on:

For those who asked - see I really was drawing broccoli! 

Then there's these little monsters. They seem to keep cropping up in my sketchbook a lot. I will have to think of something to do with them!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog. 

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Have a great week! 


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