Thursday, 16 October 2014

Which Witch?

My sketchbook and drawing board are very busy! Lots of ideas which are now becoming a reality. I'm hoping to start selling some artwork soon too. So keep an eye out for updates!

There has been a lot of rain!

I have been thinking about Spring and Summer

Also Halloween is nearly upon us - this means half term for Chickpea (and lots of films). Wednesday Addams

Uncle Fester struggles with ECO lightbulbs

@Daily__Doodle on Twitter had a lovely theme week of The Wizard of Oz. Many thanks to everyone who favourited and retweeted my pictures. It's always nice to be appreciated!


Cowardly Lion with a rather scary Dorothy - can't imagine where that idea came from! Have you ever tried to get a 4 year old ready for school in the morning?

There was a lot of love on Facebook and Twitter for my Wicked Witch of the West. This is how she was and I was about to post her and then decided to add colour...

I prefer this one!

Also winter is coming but then it feels like summer again. 

This weather is most confusing!

Thanks for taking the time to read down to this bit! 

I'll update again soon.


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