Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Chicks Etc.

I've been having fun in the sun and brought my sketchbook with me (of course). Apart from drawing some lovely, funny little birds that rove around in gangs and hop on the sunbeds, I've been doing the Daily Doodle (@Daily__Doodle). 

This week Top That Publishing have been giving the day's topic and it's been really interesting. Monday's was the Jabberwocky, Tuesday we had Fight Like A Pirate and today's was What did Hattie Peck Hatch.

I remembered to bring my travel watercolour set. Even though I don't usually paint using that medium it's a handy little set and colour pencils just aren't doing it for me.

Here are some pictures from my sketchbook this week (I shall do a Daily Doodle round up at the end of the week):

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